VEODA Petrol Chain Saw 12 Inches

VEODA Petrol Chain Saw 12 Inches

VEODA Petrol Chain Saw 12 Inches

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Category: Agriculture Equipment, Veoda

Brand: VEODA

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Cylinder displacement: 25.4cc

Power Output: 0.9kW

Maximum power speed: 8500 rpm

Fuel tank volume: 200ml

Idling speed: 3500 rpm

Electrode gap: 0.3-0.4 mm

Torque, max.: (8500rpm)

Mixture: Yes

Mixing ratio: 1:25

Fuel consumption(8500rpm): 0.9 L/h

Bar length: 12

Chain pitch: 3/8

Chain gauge: 0.050

Oil tank volume: 140ml

Oil pump type: Automatic

Oil pump capacity Max: 20ml/min

Engine Box Dimensions: 300×260×240 mm

Net Weight: 4kg

VEODA - VL4312
Product details of Professional Petrol Chain Saw 12 Inches 12'' Small One Hand Chainsaw
Go Anywhere Portability. Freedom from Powercords.
An Easy start CDI Ignition System
Off Lock Switch
Mechanical Chain break for immediate stopping
Adjustable, automatic oil supply system for the saw chain
Sprocket Tip bar design mean longer chain, bar and engine life.

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